1200kW Natural Gas generator set For Electrical Drilling Rigs, Model AMC1200NS, 50Hz, 1500rpm. Sound Attenuated Enclosure.
Several units can run in paralleling mode for heavy-duty demands and automatically parallel or disconnect acc to the changes of load.
Over 1,000 sets of natural gas generators and engines are running well.
Power range: 250kW to 5,000kW, 600V, 50Hz/ 60 Hz, or any power you need.
About Oil/ Gas Field Power Demand Analysis:
Modern Drilling techniques used in oil and gas exploration require rugged, reliable and fuel-efficient on-site generators to supply electric power for the draw works, drilling, mud pumping and camp loads. Today鈥檚 oil and gas drilling rigs have to Drilling deeper and faster than ever before. In addition, they have to use unconventional Drilling techniques such as horizontal Drilling and fracturing to improve petroleum extraction from less permeable geologic structures such as oil- and gas-bearing shale.
Scheme Of Typical Diesel Generator
While AC/ DC electric rigs with SCR controls dominate petroleum exploration today, operators are constantly looking for ways to increase total power availability, reliability and fuel efficiency. The economics of petroleum exploration demand that drilling costs be minimized and that drilling speed be maximized. Savings won on the drilling rig translate directly to the bottom line for the exploration company or well service provider. These economic realities require generators to deliver high specific power, low fuel consumption and less maintenance.
Oil/ Gas Field Power Characteristics
The figure as below is showing a 7000M oil/ gas field drilling in twice trip up operation. From those operations, we can find:
路 The power is from 200kWe to 2000kWe in 30s
路 Frequency transient fluctuation rate is in 8%~+6%
路 Voltage transient fluctuation rate is in -3%~+3%
Oil/ Gas Field Power Characteristics
What About The Power In Oil/ Gas Field Requirement?
路 Large load variation, dynamic transient change frequently
The load in oil/gas field is variable, from 200kW to 2000kW, even more, this variation changes in a very short time, and it also requires the power resistance overload shock.
路 High Reliability Requirement
The oil/gas field runs 24h per day until changing the place; the Drilling rigs require much high reliability.
路 Low Fuel Consumption Requirement.
Since drilling rig generators operate continuously, fuel consumption accounts for the largest operational cost.
Just a few percentage points of better fuel economy can add a significant number of dollars to the bottom line at the completion of a well.
路 Work in Severe Environment
Most oil/gas field is in wild, like the desert, the ocean, etc. Those places are far from the city. Some natural causes will serious influence the power supply such as dust, salt fog, rain, sun, and storm etc.
Natural Gas Generators For Electric Drilling Rigs
For a long time, most oil/ gas fields use diesel generators to provide the power.
But now, with the development of Amico鈥檚 gas generator technology, the gas engine and the control system can be comparing favorably with the diesel generator. Gas generators have great advantage in the emissions and economic comparing with the diesel generators.
Scheme Of Using Natural Gas GeneratorsOilfield Gas Power

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