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Welcome to Maxtree CORP.
New Warehouse Safety Solutions Leader!
An Intelligent Choice for Forklift Safety Lights, Warehouse Safety Products.
Maxtree group of companies produces and manufactures products such as blue spot light, blue arrow light, red zone light and crane warning light. Maxtree’s safety products can be found in airports, warehouses, and any other facility needing to improve safety.
We have a range of other warehouse Safety products. This ranges of products help to ensure the safety of pedestrians who are working around forklifts and our product range is constantly growing to make sourcing warehouse safety equipment simpler for our customers.
Maxtree strives to provide consistent quality and service while showing you respect and holding your businesses in high regard. We are always working with your best interests in mind.
we have become the choice material handling solutions provider to Still and Yale businesses like yours for the past 3 years and counting. We want to be YOUR partner, will you be ours?
With Maxtree Corp, we can provide everything you need to outfit your new or existing fleet with just one call – 18015050416 or one mail – info@maxtreegroup.comwholesale blue forklift light

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