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8 axis TIG welding robot is composed of 6 axis robot and 2 axis positioner. Positioner can be connected directly on the robot
1. Product Introduction
Among the makers of robotic TIG welders, FANUC Robotics, KUKA, and Motorman Robotics stand out as the industry leaders. All three companies have continually improved their offerings in the TIG welding robot market, leading to cutting edge designs like the FANUC Arc Mate 100i, the KUKA KR-6 and KR-16 L8-3, and the Motorman MA1400 and VA1400. Noah industrial 8 Axis TIG welding robot is the few Chinese robot companies who can offer a complete TIG welding solutions.
2. Product Details
In order to weld a complex parts, the positioner not only rotate horizontal direction but also turn over vertical direction. That means two more external axis are needed to coordinate with TIG welding robotic which we call it 8 axis TIG welding robot for short. You can add the laser tracking sensors at the end of robot arm whose weight is less than 10kg or 20kg (1440mm robot is 10 kg payload, 1780mm robot is 20 kg payload). Never worry about learning how to use it, our TIG welding department will let you know the whole process of TIG welding. Assemble, connect cable, programming, spare parts changing, etc.
3. Product Application
4. Product Qualification
5. Delivery and service
Delivery time is 50 days. We have professional team to do after sales service. in our service department, we have 3 mechanical engineers, 2 electrical engineers and 4 software engineers. we provide good service to confirm the robot can work well in customer factory.
6. FAQ
Q: About consumable parts for TIG weld robotic, Must I buy it from you?
A: In fact, a lot of our robotic spare parts is Japanese standard, you can buy it from local market if their price is as better as ours.
Q: How hard is it to use TIG welding robots?
A: TIG weld needs very high requirement for operator, but TIG welding robots don't need. You can get training, maybe 3~5 days, then you will know the knacks on TIG weld.
Q: What about the price of your TIG welding robotic?
A: Every robot has it鈥檚 price, Kuka, ABB, FANUC, Yaskawa, Panasonic, etc, have their own price and quality. Brands in China like Noah, CRP, Honyen, Borunte, ELITE, QJAR, etc, have their price too. We are looking for partners who can offer reasonable price and good quality robot to finial customers, rather than win the order by lower price. Before giving you the price, you'd better know more about NOAH robot.
Q: Can I learn how to use your TIG welding robot before I buy one?
A: Of course, you are always welcome to our factory to study, and that's really the best way to know NOAH robot.
Q: How long will it take to know details about 6 axis TIG welding robot?
A: We will offer 3-5days free training in our factory, here you can ask any questions you want to know. You need more practice after training to be a skilled TIG weld robot worker.TIG Welding Robot

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