Product technical characteristics
(1) The ring network cabinet is composed of a casing, a vacuum switch, a grounding switch, an instrument room, a bus bar, and other electrical components and auxiliary components.
(2) The load switch is arranged in the upper middle part of the outer casing, and the outer casing is assembled by bending the aluminum-zinc plate.
(3) The three-phase arrangement in the ring network cabinet is arranged according to the vertical structure, and the three-phase busbar connection between the cabinets is convenient.
(4) The instrument room is located at the upper part of the ring network cabinet. The unit can be equipped with an ammeter, a voltmeter, a changeover switch, an indicator light and other components. A terminal block of the secondary circuit can be installed at the bottom of the instrument room.
Scope of application
Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40 掳 C, minimum temperature -15 掳 C, and the average temperature is not greater than +35 掳 C.
Altitude: no more than 1000m.

Relative ambient humidity:
The daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%;
The monthly average relative humidity is not more than 90%;
The daily average water vapor pressure does not exceed 2.2 kPa;
The monthly average water vapor pressure does not exceed 1.8 kPa.
Ambient air: Not significantly contaminated by dust, smoke, corrosive and/or flammable gases, vapours and salt sprays.
Workplace: Vibration or ground motion from outside the switchgear and control equipment can be ignored.
Electromagnetic interference: The amplitude of electromagnetic interference induced in the secondary system does not exceed 1.6kV.Indoor High Voltage Switchgear

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