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LINING:inner tube of oil resistant synthetic rubber
REINFORCEMENT:Four alternating layers of spiraled, high-tensile steel wire
COVER:oil and weather-resistant synthetic rubber
APPEARANCE:black color,wrapped surface
TEMPERATURE RANGE锛?/strong>-40鈩?~ +100鈩?-40掳F ~ +212掳F)
IMPLEMENTATION STANDARDS:SAE 100R9 High Pressure,Four Spiral Wire Hydraulic Rubber Hose
FEATURE:very high compression resistance,resistant abrasion,corrosion,ozone,aging and sunlight
Products Description:
This SAE 100R9 High Pressure,Four Spiral Wire Hydraulic Rubber Hose is suitable for delivering petroleum base hydraulic fluids or water base hydraulic fluids.It is composed of preeminent oil resistant synthetic rubber,four layers of steel wire wrapped in alternating directions reinforcement and oil,weather resistant synthetic rubber cover with black color,wrapped surface .This type of hose can be used for very high pressure power,and high impulse hydraulic applications.Compatible with biodegradable hydraulic fluids like polyglycols锛宻ynthetic esters and vegetable oils as well as petroleum-based fluids.
SAE 100R9 High Pressure,Four Spiral Wire Hydraulic Rubber Hose Parameter:
Safety Guide For Hose Assemblies:
Chemical Compatibility
If use special hydraulic medium,user should ensure the material of hose inner side and cover,the hose fittings and O-ring can compatible with special hydraulic medium.
Bending Radius
Pay more attention to its minimum bending radius when install the hose assembly,if the bending radius is smaller than the minimum one,the capacity of enduring pressure will get down and the life-span of hose will be shortened.Hydraulic Hose manufacturers

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