In recent years, with the continuous deterioration of air quality and frequent occurrence of viral influenza, face shield have been widely used by everyone as a hygiene product. Face shield can effectively prevent harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering the nose and mouth, and have a good effect on respiratory infectious diseases and dust environments.
Product name: China face shield
Function: Anti-fog, dust-proof, splash proof
Material: PET
Sizes: 33*22cm
Hading degree: Full transparency
Weight: (35+-2)g
Package: 200pcs/carton, 46*35*44cm, 9KG
Certifications: Rohs, CE, FDA
1. Imported PET film is adopted, with high transparency, acid and alkali resistance, and scratch resistance;
2. Repeated use (when using the same day, wipe with alcohol can be used again);
3. High anti-fog function:
4. Can directly cover myopia glasses:
5. Applicable to various head types;
6. The company has obtained FDA, CE (EU) certification, and the product has obtained the EU test report. Reliable product quality, long-term export to the EU.
Product details
Use and maintenance
Please remove the protective film on the outside of the mask and wear it from the top of the head down. Then adjust the headband appropriately so that the mask completely covers the face. After using the mask, you can clean the dirt off the mask on the side of the protective film before disinfection. However, the inside of the mask cannot be cleaned and disinfected, nor can water enter to prevent the anti-fog effect from being invalid.
Company information
Xiamen Zhida Sustainable Materials Co., Ltd.established in 2006, is well established as a leading supplier of plastic products manufacturer with a comprehensive product portfolio including face shield/ goggle/ mask.
Zhida is one of the biggest professional plastic manufacturer in China. Zhida have advanced imported exrution machines, thermoforming package machines, UV printing machines, 10000 clean workshop and Aseptic automatic packaging line to ensure that the whole process is automatic and hands free. Our products have passed ROHS, ISO9001, FDA, CE Quality Management System certification.
We have our own professional production process,We have our own professional QC department to control the product quality, high quality with competitive prices, increase your market competitiveness.
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