Potassium Methylate (potassium methoxide)
CAS: 865-33-8
Application: Mainly used as condensing agent, can as strongbase catalyst for producing menthyl formate, methyl-carbonate, dimethylformamide, can be used for producing sulfanilamide category, TMP, fluorenemethanol, vitamin A, vitamin B1 etc. Medicament production and agriculture chemical production, as catalyst of dealing with edible fat and edible oil, tanning agent of leather, and also used as analytical reagent etc. 
  Items  Specification  The  package    standard
  Appearance  Class  transparent liquid    Galvanized bucket: 170-200kg
  Purity18-31%      High strength plastic bucket: 170- 200kg
  Free Alkali≤ 0.5%        max
  Items  SpecificationThe package standard
  Appearance  White powder  Cardboard bucket: 25kg
  Purity≥ 99%      min  High strength plastic bucket: 100kg
  Free Alkali  ≤ 1%        maxCustomized Potassium Methoxide

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