5 Piece Eye Essentials Brush Kit
Material: Nylon hair + aluminum alloy + plastic
Color: Black and Pink
Quantity: 5 pcs
Material: aluminum pipe/wooden pole/
Description: Black wooden pole, 8MM aluminum pipe
FOR eye shadow, eye sockets, eye sockets, make-up for eye shadow. High-quality white wool is easier to get powder, powder is easier to mix, and eye color is more balanced, Easily retouched out the ideal eye shadow, special brush head angle can easily take care of the eye socket! Light, comfortable, professional! Suitable for beginners and professional makeup artists to use!
PREMIUM and SOFT BRISTLES: The bristles of cosmetic brushes are well made of premium synthetic fiber, super soft and dense, no shedding, no skin hurting, suitable for even the sensitive skin. Soft but firm to apply makeup. One essential brush set gives you a flawless makeup finish.
HAND-CRAFTED and DURABLE: The handles of makeup brush kit are made of high quality wooden material and high-performance alloy with skillful craftsmanship, ensure for long time use. This classic design handle is soft and comfortable to hold without slip.
Rinse the brush under running warm water by moving your finger across the bristles in the direction of their tips.
Apply some mild soap on the bristles and then do circular strokes in the center of your palm, getting the full benefit of the soap breaking down the pigment in the bristles.
Contitue the circular motion under running water to wash the soap off the bristles, assisting with your finger tips to shape the bristles back to normal
Lay the brush FLAT to dry on clean absorbent surface. (DO NOT stand the brush on end as the water will run down and pool in the ferrule, resulting in bristles with whole, or falling off.)
Packing List
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