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KN95 FFP2 Anti Covid-19 Respiratory Face Mask
50pcs Packing 4-Layer KN95 Masks Antivirus
4 Filtering Layers Melt-down Material
Filtration Efficiency>99.6%
PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter Protective Filter Breathable Mask for Germ Protection
The mask can filter out fine dust, pollen, allergies and almost 95% particles in the air. It鈥檚 suitable for cold weather, allergic skin and other outdoor activities.
* 3D Design - M-shaped nose clip and 3D cuts for comfort fit.
* Light weight design with good seal.
* High elastic adjustable ear loop, you can freely adjust the length of the dust mask straps however you desire.
* One size fit most people, it suitable for all the adult.
Product Packaging
Independent packing
50PCS Packing
Packing Details
50pcs / Box 40 boxes / Carton 2000pcs/Carton
Box Size: 19*10*9cm
Carton Mater Carton Size: 71.5*20.5*20cm Weight: 9.5 KGS
How to wear a mask?
01 The nose clip part is facing up, the side without nose clip is facing the face, and the ear straps are pulled on each hand;
02 Face the mask against the chin first, and pull the ear-band back to the ear and hang it on the ear until it feels comfortable;
03 Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the nose clip and press inwardly according to the shape of the nose bridge to conform to the shape of the nose bridge;
04 Put your hands on your face when using, and check the tightness with your face.
1. How to deal with masks after use?
Used masks may indeed carry a large number of microorganisms, such as viruses and oral bacteria. These microorganisms may not only originate from the outside world, be adsorbed on the outer surface of the mask by inhaling, but also may be adsorbed on the inner surface of the mask by exhaling because the user carries bacteria and viruses. Therefore, used masks may be at high risk of infection.
2. There are a few things to note when we take off our masks:
Do not touch the outer surface of the mask, as you may infect yourself.
Do not touch the inner surface of the mask (you are a patient), as it may infect others. Do not touch masks that have been used by others, as cross infection may occur. Do not put directly in the bag, pocket, etc., because there may be a risk of continued infection.
3. After handling the mask, remember to do hand hygiene!
Wish you and your family all the best and Keep healthy!
With FDA & CE certificatesChina KN95 Mask

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