Our Factory:
Located in Pinghu city, Zhejiang Province, Pinghu Xingrui Hardware Products Co.,Ltd was founded in 2006, It is 85 KM away from Shanghai in the east and 95KM from Hangzhou in the west, it has the advantageous geographical positions and transport facilities. Jiaxing F.F. Fastener Co., Ltd was founded in 2014, it鈥檚 our trade department for supplement our product line which we can鈥檛 produce.
We specialize in producting chipboard screw, drywall screw, self tapping screw, and self drilling screw etc. we introduce the advanced equipment, we have all the necessary testing devices and tools, the abundant technical force, the advantages of stable quality and prompt delivery, the powerful new products development capabilities.
Our certification:
We have ISO 9001 quality system certification and CE certification for screws. Our product technical standard: GB, DIN, JIS, ISO, ANSI, BS and various enterprise standards according customer.China Deck Screw

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