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        Shandong Shanbo electric machine co.,Ltd was founded on May 18,2005, which was reformed by Boshan electric machine factory,through more than 70 years,and forward for the beginning again,has developed into a integrating modern enterprise,high quality motor and control system research, development, production, marketing and service.Also is one of the famous factory which supply product to the military and national defence.
        As a advanced motor factory in China,The group passed all kind of challenges,and cooperation.
      The group had experienced over 70 years,during the WW2 by now, profound history woke the force of moving,we trust we shall step forward,for the incoming challenges,for the bigger society responsibilities,and for the glowing future.
        Shanbo group  located in the district of Boshan,Zibo,Shandong.Where is a coast nearby the Bohai sea.The origin of the advanced machinery in China.As a one of the most historical company in China,Shanbo group had been contributed to the national military equipment production,supplied different kinds of motor for the national defence weapons,aircraft,tank,missile,even the satellite.
        Our group has Employees 940,10+ subsidiaries,and constructed production system of motor producing.Focused on the gearmotor,DC motor,AC motor,precise gearbox,and more.For the companies come for more cooperation,we would like to make a good relationship with them and try to make a great feature.
        DC motor,AC motor,Gearbox,Auto parts,Gears,Machinery parts,Mould,Servo motor
            Home application,Industries,Auto,Trucks,Meters,Metallurgy,Mining,etc
        Asia,North America,South America,Europe,Oceania,Africa. Based different kind of relationship with the companies abroad in tens years ago,which was the pioneer of the global cooperation in China.
        The group had all kinds of testing equipment.
        We provide completely after-selling service,1-2 years warranties(Depending on the product),and we guarantee the quality of the motor will fulfill the requirements by the clients.China ABS Motor factory

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