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Xiongda international logistics, as a professional cross-border e-commerce logistics enterprise, has its own one-stop import and export service system platform, taking advantage of the perfect air transport network and professional operation of DDU/DDP service advantages.Help Chinese sellers ship goods by air to amazon warehouses in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kansas and Kentucky.
1. The first express: the four major express, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT (it is recommended that the number of tickets is small, the seller is just starting and the limitation is strict, the single ticket is limited to 200KG can choose the express channel)
2. Air freight + delivery process: American UPS obtains customs clearance documents.
Service description: UPS of the United States can obtain the customs clearance documents, the first process from China to the United States air freight Los Angeles (LAX), express customs clearance, after the customs clearance is completed, UPS delivery to the warehouse.
Xiongda international logistics international air transport service advantages
1. Price concessions: to the United States air export price concessions
2. Fast time: to the United States for export, provide direct flight to shenzhen/Shanghai, 24 hours after the flight can arrive, 100% guarantee time.
3. Free of formalities: you can pick up the goods at your door for free, and you don't need to worry about the customs declaration, commodity inspection and other complicated customs declaration procedures (we can do it for you if necessary)
4. Focusing on the one-stop service of air transportation in the United States, there is a company in the United States, which can provide American FBA first process services such as overseas storage in the United States, processing returned items, printing amazon labels, labeling on behalf of others, and sorting boxes.
5. Services in place: for 24 hours one-stop service, from pick up, packaging, customs declaration, commodity inspection, storage, port of destination customs clearance, customs agent, door-to-door delivery and other comprehensive export services.cheap Amazon Freight

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