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鈥?Our Product
鈥?Product Application
We provide charging solution for public charging operator, special charging operator, automobile manufacturer, charging pile manufacturer.
鈥?Production Equipment
Production charging equipment product ability: 150,000 sets/Year
Electronic manufacturing and production workshop covering more than 5000 square meter, 6 standard full automatic production line which can realize the full manufacturing from SMT, PTH, spraying, testing and assembly.
鈥?Production Market
Our product is widely applied to every big,medium size and small cities all over the countries, northest to Mohe in Heilongjiang, southest to Hainan,east to Shanghai, west to Lhasa in Tibet, southeast coastal city to Taiwan, China. We have exported to countries such as Korea, Kuba, Canada, America, Chile, Pakistain and build long and stable business relationship with many well known companies such as main new energy charging opera, auto manufacturer, State Grid, bus companies.
鈥?Our Service
High Efficiency: We respond your inquiry and demands very efficiently and aimed to answer your any questions about our products.
Professional: We provide professional charging solution and high quality products for you.
After-sales service: Special and professional training annually and 2 Years Warranty.Car Charger for sale

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