Our History
We are one Resource collection company in China more than 10 years experience. We are Professional resource supplier in industry equipment, spare parts and materials in China. We can supply reliable information from professional factory technical. Main include building machine, pretreatment processing line, Kids playground, Flat knitting machine and spare parts. Insulation materials, Laboratory testing equipment etc.
We can check the quality together in order to satisfy with client requirements.
We can supply in accordance with most international standards with high-qualified and cost-effective products.
We are confident that our expertise in this field will bring you high value-added products & services, and we are ready anytime to team up with your products solutions.
Our Factory
We have friendly cooperation with different factory.
Our Product
Electric Insulation paper, Recondition flat knitting machine and spare parts, Kids playground, Roll forming machine, Testing equipment. pretreatment processing line.
Product Application
Electric motor. Power transformer .Building house. Testing equipment. food/liquid/milk factory.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Laminated machine. Slitting machine. Printting machine. Drilling machine.
Production Market
East Asia. South Asia. European. South American etc.
Our Service
Complete service on line in working day.Stoll Spare Parts

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