All the PC board which thickness is more than 12mm can do Bullet Resistant PC Solid Sheet
Size and thickness can be customized
Color can be customized
1. Mechanical performance
(1) impact strength: PC endurance plate impact resistance is excellent, it is 250 times higher than traditional glass, Biak force plate 30 times higher. The impact strength of the PC endurance plate is called "transparent steel plate". 
(2) Good tensile strength, PC endurance plate heat resistance, even at 120 degrees C, its tensile strength can still reach 350 kgf/cm2. 
(3) Bending strength: PC endurance plate bending resistance is good, even if the bending angle of up to 90 degrees, still does not break. 
(4) Anti-fatigue and anti-creep: PC endurance plate anti-creep is the best in thermoplastic plastic. Even at high temperatures, its creep is small.
2. Thermal performance
(1) melt ingress temperature: PC endurance plate melting temperature of 135 degrees C, its continuous use temperature of 120 degrees C. 
(2) Line expansion coefficient: the line expansion coefficient is 7 x 10-5cm/cm/C is small in plastic. 
(3) Brittle temperature: PC endurance plate brittle temperature of -40 degrees C, the lowest continuous use temperature of -30 degrees C, is generally incomparable plastic. 
(4) Burnability: PC endurance plate is one of the non-combustible self-extinguishing plastic, which does not produce toxic gases when heated at high temperature. 
(5) Thermal conductivity: PC endurance plate thermal conductivity and general plastic is not much different, is 1/4 of the glass, 1/300 of iron, 1/1000 of aluminum, 1/2000 of copper, is one of the materials with excellent insulation performance.
3. Optical performance
(1) light transmission: PC endurance plate light transmission rate of more than 85% and glass equivalent.
(2) weather resistance: general PC endurance plate long-term exposure outdoor, exposed to ultraviolet light easy to cause yellow change and surface deterioration. The surface of the Tail long PC endurance plate is attached with an anti-UV layer, even if the long-term exposure of outdoor, its optical, mechanical properties are not significantly changed.
4. Soundproofing performance PC endurance board soundproofing effect than glass 3-4DB, is currently the highway sound barrier of choice material.
5. Anti-chemical Polycarbonate has good resistance to weak acids, weak alkalis and alcohols at room temperature, but has a slightly worse resistance to strong acids, benzene, chlorinated hydrocarbons and esters, and is prone to dissolution, expansion or decomposition. Due to its chemical resistance and temperature, internal residual stress size and exposure time, it should be used with special attention.
6. light weight in the same thickness and area, PC endurance plate weight is only half of the glass, so can save a lot of handling and construction of the difficulty light weight, impact-resistant.
7. Bendable can be based on the design map in the site using cold bending, installed into arches, semi-circular roof and windows. The minimum bending radius is 200 times the thickness of the plate, and can also be hot bending.
Bullet Resistant PC Solid Sheet
Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Solid Sheet
Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets
(1) The pavilions of the strange decoration and rest places of the gardens and amusement spots;
(2) interior and exterior decoration of commercial buildings, curtain walls of modern city buildings;
(3) aviation transparent containers, motorcycle front windscreens, aircraft, trains, ships;
(4) automobiles, motor boats, submarines and glass military and police shields;
(5) telephone booths, billboards, light box advertisements, display arrangements;
(6) instrumentation, instrumentation, high-pressure low-pressure panel cabinets and military industry; 
(7) wall, roof, screen and other high-grade interior decoration materials;
(8) Soundproof barriers on highways and urban elevated roads;
(9) agricultural greenhouses and farm sheds;
(10) modern eco-restaurant roofs;
(11) bicycle sheds, balcony sunshades and roof rest ingress in all units or small areas;
(12) office buildings, department stores, guesthouses, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, entertainment and public facilities, etc.
DERACP is a professional manufacturer of aluminum composite panels in China with over 15 years of experience. DERACP was founded in 2000 and specializes in building materials such as aluminum corrugated composite plates (ACCP), aluminum composite panels (ACP), color coated aluminum rolls, etc. DERACP plant covers an area of 15,000 square meters, the warehouse covers an area of 5000 square meters, a total of 9 advanced production lines. ACP panels can produce more than 30,000 square meters per day. Our company has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification;
1. Samples: the company for new and old customers to provide free samples, but also can come to color, to provide customers with high-quality products.
2. Quality assurance: Our factory has a professional QC department, each batch of products for testing, qualified before leaving the factory. After placing an order we have a systematic follow-up to the order, timely provision of packaging, packing clear photos to customers. In addition, we provide a sound after-sales service, our after-sales service includes but not limited to the following items: timely delivery and shipment, a full set of clear customs clearance documents, related certificates.
3. Professional team service: My company has excellent professional foreign trade team, to provide customers with timely pre-sale and after-sales service. All our services will be customer-centric, always very quick to answer customers, and as soon as possible to solve customer problems, we are responsible for each batch of products shipped from the factory.
4. Logistics: The company has a wealth of logistics management and operators, your goods will arrive safely in your country's ports as scheduled.
5. Payment method: 30% advance payment, the 70% balance is against the bill of loading.

If you have any problems with the product, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with maximum support. Any questions you give back will be the ladder to our progress. Welcome to buy our products again, we will continue to provide you with high-quality and convenient services.
When we ask about endurance board prices in the market, we will find that there are often obvious price differences in the products produced by different manufacturers. Two important factors that are importantly related to endurance plate prices are quality and thickness. That is to say, three-year endurance board, five-year board endurance board, ten-year endurance board their sales price are different, the following together to understand the specific content.
Typically, three years of endurance board life of three years, thickness is usually between one millimeter to two millimeters, such plates are generally made by small workshop-style manufacturers, so the quality is not guaranteed, the price will be much cheaper. And five years of endurance board domestic words are generally produced by small manufacturers, so the quality will be relatively poor, attracting users mainly price, and imported products regardless of quality and thickness are possible, so this type of endurance board prices will be correspondingly higher.
At present in the market is very popular with users is the ten-year plate, this kind of products in the production of material selection, processing level and other requirements are more stringent, at the same time this series of endurance board prices will be correspondingly increased. And includes different types, so the thickness of the plate, often means that the price of the product is not the same.
Simply put, first of all, the price of endurance plates is closely related to the quality of raw materials. Typically, the pc produced with new materials is relatively expensive, but the color is clear, finished, good performance, excellent quality, cost-effective, is the best material for large-scale engineering persistence projects. We know that PC endurance plates (also known as polycarbonate plates, polycarbonate solid plates, PC glass, PC solid plates) are made of high-performance engineering plastics----- polycarbonate (PC) by high temperature heating extruded. Using an endurance plate can be pressed into a wave type to become a PC wave tile.
It is precisely because endurance plates have these excellent properties that they can be applied to different fields. When we select this product, we pay special attention to the price and quality of endurance plates. High-quality products with impact-resistant performance, and the strength of more than reinforced glass, acrylic plate hundreds of times, tough security, anti-theft, bulletproof effect is best. Can be arch, can bend, good processing, strong plasticity, can be according to the actual needs of the site, bent into an arch, semi-circular equation.
From this, we can see that when we buy endurance board products, not only need to pay attention to the quality of the product itself, but also in combination with endurance board prices for analysis. Endurance board products light material, easy to move, handling and installation save time and effort, construction management is convenient and easy. And can be long-term anti-ultraviolet radiation, lighting effect excellent, can save a lot of source overhead.Polycarbonate Solid Sheet China

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