Product Introduction
Medical Masks are made of one or more layers of nonwovens. The main production processes include melt-blown, spunbonded, hot air or needling. They are resistant to liquids, filter particles and bacteria, it's a textile used for medical protection.
Product Size203.5*57.5*86mm
Product weight51.5g
Packing configurationCertificate/Instruction
Number of inner boxes20pcs
FCL quantity200pcs/carton
FCL net weight10.3kg
FCL gross weight13.78kg
Carton Size925*355*455mm
Type of certificateFDA

Materials and properties of eye mask
1. ANTI-CORROSION: Because of this kind of glasses work environment is special, often contact some strong corrosive solution, so must use anti-corrosion performance good material, such as PC.
4. Air permeability must be good, generally have air holes

Medical instructions
Medical protective eye mask is a one-time use, can not be repeated use, repeated use will lead to some bacteria and viruses occur some cross-infection phenomenon, is particularly dangerous, it lost the use of medical protective eye mask. Then comes the medical disposable mask or the protective mask, the protective eye mask and the protective clothing are also disposable. Must carry on the Asepsis strictly the operation, otherwise will be easy to produce some infectious phenomenon.
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