Foshan Weller Moisture-proof Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of moisture-proof, rust-proof, mildew-proof and deodorant-based products set up by Hong Kong Weller Industrial in the mainland. After years of hard work, the company has built a network-based industrial chain integrating product research and development, marketing, service and foreign trade. The company has a professional and technical team that is lean, efficient, united and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, and equipped with high-precision testing instruments, which can provide customers with all-round anti-moisture, anti-rust and anti-mild solutions in a timely and accurate manner. The main products are, silica gel, environmental protection, minerals, bentonite , fiber, food and drug desiccant, preservative, humidity card, moisture-proof bag, aluminum foil bag, anti-rust bag, anti-mold film. The company's products are all environmentally friendly, belonging to the green and non-polluting food grade, which can be discarded directly after use. The products have passed the EU REACH and DMF testing and meet the export requirements of various countries.
Based on the enterprise spirit of 鈥渜uality, innovation, service and talents鈥? the company is based on domestic and world-oriented, actively shaping a good brand image and striving to establish a model for the industry. Up to now, the sales network has gradually formed. Weir people are willing to cooperate with elites from all walks of life to create a win-win situation with better quality, better service and higher requirements!
The scope of the trial of our products: Electronic products: electrical appliances, cables, precious metal panels, PCB boards, etc.;
Agricultural products: rice, wheat, corn, tea, tobacco, pepper, food packaging, etc.;
Wood crafts: furniture, wooden crafts, wrapping paper, wooden toys, etc.; fabrics and textiles: clothing, hats, cloth, etc.;
Household products: glass equipment, resin plastic products, hollow glass doors, etc.;
Metal products: sheet metal, coils, machine parts, auto parts, aluminum products, steel paper products, etc.Discount Charcoal Air Deodorizer

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