Risheng is a group company, producing baby products and maternity accessories for the whole family personal care, mainly for baby cares and women care at the moment. Our production range varies from baby diapers, child nappies, infant pull up panties, female sanitary menstruation pants, baby soft tissues, household wettable cotton wipes, to biodegradable paper tissues etc. We pay much attention on quality, safety, sanitary and creativity.
We provide our best service for new clients, including OEM and ODM orders.
Product features:
1. Mild INGREDIENTS mainly used for babies, passed strict lab tests and examinations
2. Product help to balance pH value of around 6 to protect the skin
3 . Excellent quality of raw material supplies
4. Original packaging for easy usage and keep clean
5. Of super mild soft touch to skin with super EDI aqua
Product Application
1. Wipe baby hands and mouth to keep dry and clean when babies drooling around 6 months old. Please notice if it is abnormal phenomenon except for eating period or others, please consult a pediatrician accordingly.
2. High standard disinfection in cleaning grade 1 000 000 workshop environment. So this product is safe to use as table as well as for use in the restroom.
3. Its fine texture of our wet wipes can be used as a facial mask substitute with your essence gel when your travel is running out of beauty masks.
4. Super flexible for outdoor activities and travel usage.
5. Good helper for kindergarten kids to keep clean and tidy.
In 2019, factory get certificates of ISO9001, CE,SGS, BV, FDA and national inspection controling at 5A class, which is of higher to Chinese national standards. And we are apply different expositions to expose our brands to meet global clients needs.
Our advantage
1.Directly factory price with full range of certificates
2.Quality packaging and delivery
3.Attractive original design and packing service
4.Good accessories products supplies together to complete full series products
Company view
Guangdong Risheng Biotech Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company to RISHENG enterprise integrating scientific research, production, product branding and marketing with the support of Risheng factories and companies since 2002. RISHENG baby diapers factories covering an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, are now running 10 production lines with 3 workshops and two laboratories. Our baby diapers plant owns an independent 100,000-level purification workshop, disinfection center and quality inspection center. And our wet wipes series are equipped first-class EDI AQUA purifying system for quality wet wipes production.
Questions and answers
1. Can I get the sample?
Answer: Yes, we can send you the free sample after received the shipping cost(or you have forwarder, we can send to your forwarder). Our whole series of diapers, pants, baby soft tissues, facial cotton towel and etc.
2. What's your MOQ?
Answer: MOQ is based on your product and packaging choice. Our brand of Yoorja庐 and Bangbyki庐 series, including diapers products, one 40 feet HQ container is the MOQ for new beginners for cost saving since freight and other fees will be saved for full container delivery.
3. Can we put our logo on products?
Answer: YES. You can put your logo on our design.
We choose to be a good partner with client, so we have design team to cope with.
We highly recommend our own logo for trial orders, BANGBYKI 庐, Yoorja庐, Capile庐, KANGHUDA庐, etc.
4. What's your payment method?
Answer: We support Alipay, Western Union, T/T, wechat pay.
5. What are the advantages to cooperate with you?
Answer: Our group company is growing by a small company starting trading business in 2002, our factory and company building good relationship with raw material suppliers since our financial department is running with high reputation and records. So we do have steady material supplies and quality assurance at first place. To be dynamic in market, we have well built our own sales and vendors network scattering in all regions domestically. Thus giving us a good feedback to keep our products updated leading the trend of the market. We have relatively professional analysis ability about market research to share with clients.China Baby Wet Wipes factory

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