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Sleeve-Lock Trailer Coupler - Channel Mount - Black - 2-5/16" Ball Powder coating- 12,500lbs
鈼?2-5/16 Inch Ball Coupler
鈼?Coupler Only
鈼?12,500 lbs GTW
鈼?Pin-Style Fastener
Adjustable Trailer Coupler - CTA296
This is a forged adjustable coupler used with a channel mounting bracket (sold separately). Also grade 8 mounting bolts & Nuts included. Forged head offers a super coupling and uncoupling. Sleeve-Lock and Pin type latch also provides a quick and easy operation. Black powder coating for good rust resistance.
鈼廇pplication: 3" wide channel bracket
鈼廈all size: 2-5/16"
鈼廘ength: 9-7/8" from center of mounting hole to front edge
鈼廌istance between mounting holes: 2" on center
鈼廝in hole diameter: 5/16"
oMinimum span needed for pin or pin lock: 2-1/4"
鈼廤eight capacity: 12,500 lbsAdjustable Coupler Free Sample

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