As we all know, as a nurse, you walk around your feet all day long, walking and lifting heavy objects, which can put pressure on the nurse's back, knees and feet. And as a nurse spends all day on her feet, it is important to buy a pair of comfortable and supportive nursing shoes.
Product Details
slip on nursing shoes
This slip on nursing shoes not only provides you with comfortable wearing, but also minimizes the pressure on the lower body and back, and provides you with full protection. And this slip on nursing shoes are simple and fashionable, it is a nurse shoe that most nurses love.

Colour锛歅ink銆丅lack銆丮int Green銆丯avy
Style锛欳asual fashion slip on comfortable nursing shoes
Season锛欰ll year
Upper material锛歅U+Mesh
Insole锛欵VA+ Velvet
1銆丼ole is PU + TPR锛寁ery non-slip and wear-resistant锛?/p>
Flexible锛宻hock absorption锛宺elieves foot pressure,
Sole thickness锛宻tanding for a long time feet don't hurt.

2銆丄 pair of shoes锛宼wo ways to wear
normal wear and lazy slip on
very convenient to put on and take off锛宔asy and convenient.
3銆乁se lightweight materials锛宮akes shoes very light锛宯o burden to wear.
4銆乁pper is soft and resistant to twists.
Our shoes have thicker soles than other nurses' shoes, and they will not cause foot pain if worn for a long time. The insole is warm and comfortable with EVA + velvet. This shoes can keep you comfortable throughout the day and keep your feet safe. And the price is cheap, it is a perfect and cheap product!
We also have other styles of nursing shoes, if you are interested, you can visit our homepage.
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