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LISTRONG-40H Copper Wire Continuous Annealing Machine
Annealing is a process by which the properties of metallic wire are enhanced to meet machinability requirements. It is a process of heating the metallic wire slightly above the critical temperature of and allowing it to cool down very slowly. Annealing copper makes it softer and less brittle, which allows you to bend it without breaking it.
Application: LISTRONG-40H Copper Wire Continuous Annealing Machine is used for copper wire or alloy wire annealing, tinning oven is optional for continuous tin plating after annealing in one time.
Model: LISTRONG-40H Copper Wire Continuous Annealing Machine
Serial No.ItemDescription
1Number of wire (MM)40
2Production diameter(MM)φ0.1-φ0.6
3Max. speed(MPM)300
4Pay-off methodPay-off with hairbrush
5Annealing methodTubular annealing
6Tinning methodsingle-furnace hot dip(transverse plating) mould tin-scraping
7Take-up methodTorque motor 1.2-1.8N.M
8Annealing length(M)4.5m-6m
9spool dimension(MM)PT5-PT25
10Electro thermal power(KW)64.5
11Dynamic power(KW)12
12Total power(KW)76.5
13Take-up & Traversing controlDecelerate motor, independent traversing
14Machine dimension(MM)21000L×2200W×1600H
15Machine weight(KG)3500
Q: What’s the LISTRONG-40H Copper Wire Continuous Annealing Machine composed of?
A: The machine is consists of payoff, annealing furnace, drying unit, tinning oven (optional), leading unit, take up machine and electric control system.
Q: How you can guarantee your machine quality?
A: We have strict pre-inspection and final inspection regulations, parts are purchased from famous and reliable suppliers only, each automatic wire drawing machine before dispatching must be tested with raw material to ensure the machine without any problem. Acceptance inspection by the client in our plant before dispatching is also welcome. We provide 12 months warranty period for both mechanical and electrical parts.Wire Annealing Machine

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