Jinhua JECH Tools Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high-building safety harness, safety belts, energy absorber lanyard belts, fall arrester and lifelines, climbing supplies and other personal protection equipment. It is 10-years from the establishment of JECH Tools in 2010, has developed into a new building of more than 10,000 square meters with more than 120 employees. Jech Tools is the factory that has a modern production system integrating scientific research, production and sales.
The company has adhered to the "integrity, safety, science, and rapid"business principles, with the most advanced imported textile machinery, dyeing equipment, computer pattern sewing machines and various advanced processes for standardized production.
In order to provide more professional services and more stable quality, the company has set up JECH鈥橲 testing laboratory to test the products up to 100 critical inspections that meets international standards such as( European standard) CE ,( American standard ) ANSI ,( Canadian standard )CSA ,( Australian standard )AS , (Singapore standard ) PSB and ISO9001:2015.Wholesale Energy Shock Absorber Retracting Lifeline

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