POS Paper Slitting Machine
Suitable for:
This machine is used to produce thermal paper, bond paper, cash register paper, fax paper, POS paper, ATM paper and other small ribbon rolls and other materials. Make the equipment more stable, high speed and low noise, and the scope of application is wider.
1. Equipped with Panasonic PLC and Weinview touch screen, all parameters are displayed on the monitor. (The diameter and thickness of the material roll need to be set, and PLC will provide appropriate parameters for the automatic operation of the machine.)
2. Equipped with automatic tension control system for unwinding tension.
3. With meter counter. Enter the setting data, the machine stops and issues an alarm.
4. Adopt synchronous belt to avoid overlapping problem.
Model Type GW-FQ-900
Max. Parent Web Width900mm
Max. Parent Web Dia.:1000mm
Max. Rewinding Dia.:150mm
Max. Unwinding Speed:150m/min
Unwinding Shaft:3鈥?Pneumatic Air Expanding Shaft
Voltage:3 Phase 380V 50HZ
Rewinding Shaft in Diameter0.5''
Overall Dimensions:2050 x 1600 x 1500mmThermal Paper Slitting Machine suppliers

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