The industrial sugar cane juicer extracts the sugar cane juice by the rolling principle, and the juice and residue can be automatically separated at one time, and the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice is delicious and delicious. Sugar cane juice has the effect of thirst, supplementing the lungs and kidneys, clearing away heat and detoxifying and neutralizing the phlegm.
1. Thick stainless steel plate, environmentally friendly spray paint, seamless butt joint, strong and beautiful
It is not easy to be deformed, the selected material is not deformed, and the copper sleeve has long wear resistance, is durable and has strong corrosion resistance.
2. Thickened steel drum, thick steel drum, four-axis design, separation of slag juice, sugar cane juice and residual value are easily separated.
3. Four-roller extrusion design, high juice yield, large output, low power consumption and other functions.
Technical Parameter
ModelCapacityJuicing rateSizeWeight
1. Do you have a large production for industrial use or beverage factories?
Yes, models MRC-EB1, MRC-EB2, MRC-EB4 can handle 1 ton, 2 tons, 4 tons of sugar cane per hour, which is the ideal equipment for processing sugar cane juice.
2. What is the minimum order quantity of the sugar cane juicer?
3. What is the packaging and transportation method of the industrial sugar cane juicer?
Export wooden box packaging, shipping
4. Do you have a related peeler?
Yes, we also have a sugarcane peeler, please contact us for a complete detailed quote.
5. Can you accept the visit?
Of course, we welcome customers to visit our machines at our factory.
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