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Shenzhen Hailanbao Technology Co.,Ltd (HLB in short ) was started from 2010, when we first met Founder of Canadian 鈥淎QUARINE鈥?chemicals in ASIA POOL & SPA EXPO. We were excited to find this magical chemicals can easily turn pool water crystal clear and attracted deeply by this industry. Then we begin to promote this multifunctional chemicals in brand 鈥淎QUARINE鈥?.
Though facing many difficulties at beginning because of lacking industry knowledge, we never gave up and learned by every means, like training and consulting from experts. In short 2 years, we successfully helped hundreds and thousands of pool owners to get crystal clear water, teach them how easily maintain their pool and in return, we earned most customers鈥?trust and friendship and sales value grew fast. And In 2013 year, we were authorized as the exclusive distributor in China
It is said that it is difficult from 0 to 1, while moving fast from 2. Indeed, since 2013, we have accumulated some reputation in pool and spa industry by good product and service. Over 50% new customers are introduced by customers. And purchasing products range from chemicals to many other pool related products, like sand filter, hot tub, pump, skimmer etc over 20000 different parts. Customers included many star-rated hotel, like Marriott, sofitel, Mandarin Oriental, etc . 
By 2019, almost 10 years accumulating in this industry, we have designing,producing and sales team, several brands, and owned over 200 good quality supplies of all kinds of pool and spa products. These products sold all over the world, including USA, Canada, French, South Africa etc. Our company has become international reliable business partner.
Logo of 鈥淗LB Pools&Spas鈥?indicates the light tower in endless blue sea, which gives you the right direction with factory-direct price and good quality, as well as providing you a solution how to keep pool water always crystal clear like blue sea !  Pool Vacuum Hose Reel

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