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product description :                                                                         
1. The particles made are of high quality, no bubbles, full and mellow
2. The particles made are beautiful in appearance and cylindrical in shape, and the size and thickness can be adjusted
3. The compulsory feeding device, host machine and pelletizer of the plastic pellet recycling production line are controlled by frequency converter
Our Compactor details:
In order to control the compacting machine, we also made our own design. The material is sheared, rotated and rubbed in the pot body, the temperature will continue to rise, and then shrinks into a mass. When it enters the screw, it is already in a semi-plasticized state. The heat energy required here will be reduced, the heating time will be shorter, more material is fed, the material is output faster, and the output will naturally increase (more material is fed, the material is not timely, the screw will be stuck, this No. There is less feed and no output, nor will it work.) The temperature when the material enters the screw is also very important. The higher the temperature, the higher the natural output, but if it is too high, the material will stick into the pot body again, as the saying goes, it is a paste pot. Once the material is formed into a whole piece, it will not be able to enter the screw, and it needs to be shut down for cleaning. Therefore, controlling the temperature of materials in the pot of the compact machine is an important and complicated matter. This is also the advantage that our bank and others have over the same period of last year.Plastic Granule Machine factory

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