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Underground Mining Ventilation Fan
K series Underground Mining Ventilation Fan developed by the mine energy-saving promotion station of the Ministry of metallurgical industry in the early 1980s, has the unique advantages of high aerodynamic efficiency, good matching with ventilation network, and extremely significant energy-saving effect; moreover, the installation angle of the blade is adjustable, the reverse wind can be reversed, and the operation noise is low. At the same time, the structure of direct connection of the motor and the impeller is adopted, which has good overall stability and installation It is convenient, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, and low local resistance of the device. As the main fan, its civil work volume of the device is very small, which can save a lot of investment. It is suitable for underground installation, and is the most ideal fan in the multistage fan station ventilation system.
K series mining energy-saving fans are widely used in metallurgy, nonferrous metals, gold, chemical industry, building materials, nuclear industry and other system mines. K series mining energy-saving fans mainly include JK, DJK series local fans, K, DK series main fans and auxiliary fans. The new generation of K, DK series mining energy-saving fans are equipped with a steady flow ring device, with no hump on the characteristic curve, higher efficiency, better performance, better specification and wider application range. All kinds of non coal mines, large, medium and small, can be selected from the main fan, auxiliary fan, local fan and fan station fans.
JK series Underground Mining Ventilation partial fans with high efficiency, energy saving and low noise are designed according to the needs of partial ventilation in various non coal mines, such as metallurgy, non ferrous, gold, chemical industry, building materials and nuclear industry. They are applicable to the ventilation of roadway excavation, induced draft of stop and electric harrow, drift ventilation of sublevel mining without bottom pillar, local ventilation and some auxiliary ventilation 銆?It can also be used in tunnel construction, underground engineering construction and other occasions requiring air supply by air duct.
The design of JK series local fans comprehensively considers the air volume of dust and coal exhaust, air supply distance of air duct, specifications of commonly used air duct, air resistance value, and service conditions in the mine, etc. required by various local ventilation operations. JK series local fans are divided into three categories: single pole working wheel jk-1no, double stage working wheel jk-2no and counter rotating operation DJK. Among them, jk40 series local fans and djk50 series counter rotating local fans can be directly installed on the roadway floor, or hung on the side wall or under the roof of the roadway.
JK series characteristics
(1) High operation efficiency. The highest total pressure efficiency of single-stage and double-stage working wheels is 92% and 83% respectively, and the highest total pressure efficiency of counter rotating type is 85%, which is 20-30% higher than the original JF series local fans, and has obvious power saving effect.
(2) It has complete regulations and strong adaptability. There are different combinations of air volume and total pressure value of local fans. The air supply distance varies from 80m to 600m (the air supply distance for series operation can be over 1200m), which can meet different needs of users.
(3) Small size, light weight, flexible and convenient movement. When its performance is basically the same as that of JF series local fans, its volume and weight are reduced by 20-30% and 20-30% respectively.
(4) Low noise. The noise of jkno. 4 local fan measured in open space shall not exceed 86db (a). If you have special requirements for the noise of local fans, our factory can provide a complete set of mufflers. Please make an explanation when ordering.
The motors of JK and DJK series local fans are 2 poles, and the speed is 2860~2930r/min.
TypePower锛坘w锛?/p>Air volume (m鲁/s)Total pressure锛圥a锛?/p>Mini. air duct diameter
锛坢m锛?/p>Air supply distance(m)Size锛坢m锛?/p>
DJK50-鈩?2脳3014.8-17.82501-108980022013404350485Mining Ventilation Fan

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