Introduction of Shide Group
In 1992, Dalian, a coastal city in northern China, an enterprise named SHIDEwas founded.With the tide of China's economic reform and opening up,Shide has stepped forward firmly in28 years of entrepreneurial development--Successively involved in earthwork engineering, chemical building materials, household appliances, culture & sports, financial insurance, medical treatment, real estate, petrochemical and other industries,growing into a large comprehensive enterprise group.
With the rapid development of China's economy, and a new wave of urban constructionfrom 1992 to 1995, within less than three years,Shide people fought bravely day and night, Split Mountains and filled the seasides, to complete totally 3 million cubic meters of earthwork engineering.It is Victory Square in Dalian,it is the Xinghai Square in Dalian,and it is the Jinshi Golf Course in Dalian one by one. Those landmark construction projects in Dalian embody the wisdom and sweat of Shide people in the early stage of development.
In 1995, Shide groupconformed with the development of modern times, andformedthe core concept of "paying the nation withindustry, prospering the family with morality", which as a result established a successful foundation for rapid development of the enterprise.We havecarried out technical cooperation with the international companies owning the most advanced technology on Upvc profile production for windows and doors, such as German Reimelt, Austria Greiner, Cincinnati and UK Chemson,and importedthe most advanced automatic mixing system and high-speed profile extrusion production line. Shide Upvc Profile with superior quality has been recognized by the market.
Shide group has the largest chemical building material production plant in the world, and the production capacity of Upvc profile which has been widely used in modern building upvc doors and upvc windows is currently in the forefront of the world.DALIAN銆丆HENGDU銆丣IAXING銆乊INCHUANG銆丩UOHE銆丯ANCHANG銆乀IANJIN seven industrial manufacturing bases,the annual output of chemical building materials is nearly 700000 tons,SHIDE group was awarded the title of 鈥淐hemical building materials industrialization base鈥?by the national Ministry of Construction.
The Shide chemical building materials research institute under market-oriented is engaged in cutting-edge scientific research, product technology and quality management of chemical building materials, and the scientific research outcomes of the postdoctoral workstation approved to establish by the Ministry of personnel ofChina are continuously applied to new products, which has won a broad market space for Shide products.27 series and more than 300 models of Upvc profile products for doors and windows. With more than 60 domestic marketing and customer service offices, it is expanding and has gained a leading market share in the domestic market. At the same time,Shide profiles have been exported to over 60 countries and regions around the world.In 2008, Shide trademark was recognized as famous trademark in China.
In 2014, Shide cooperated with and BASF to developpolyester alloy profiles successfully in six years,which adopts the most advanced formulation system in the world. The lead-salt stabilizer is replaced by calcium / zinc, and the harmful and heavy metals containing meet the American AAMA standard and European ROHS restriction.This technology fills in the international blank and will be an epoch-making innovation of PVC door and window profiles in the world.9 patents have been obtained,including 2 invention patents,and gained patent certificates in South Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Poland and other countries,at the same time, Shide has applied for a global patent and has independent intellectual property rights. At present, Shideis developing both domestic and international markets with BASF Company together.This product was also awarded the gold medal in 2018 Guangzhou Canton Fair.
In 2018, under the efforts of the Research Institute, Shide successfully developed revolutionary plankproducts - SPC floor, WPC floor, ABA floor,LVT floor, SPC wallboard and other products. The first production base is located in Jiaxing, covering an area of 500,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 20 million square meters. Green, environmental protection,formaldehyde free and other advantages, so that the product successfully passed the CE, SGS and other international certification. Since the product was put into the market, it has been favored by domestic and foreign customers, andsales volume has increased every month.Melamine Board Door Free Sample

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