70Kg/h Rotary dehumidifiers
Rotary dehumidifiers are widely used in various fields such as industry, military, science and technology, etc. This type of air treatment equipment must be selected when the moisture content of the ambient air is lower than 5.79g / kg dry air (or the dew point temperature is 6 鈩?. Main applications of rotary dehumidifier:
1.Industrial, scientific research, military, medicine, engineering, food factory, electronics factory, etc.
2. Where the relative humidity is less than 45% when the indoor temperature is 22 鈩?-24 鈩? including production workshops, warehouses, special technical houses, etc.
3. The relative humidity is required to be around 50%, but the place where the humidity is large indoors.
4. Low temperature and high temperature environment.
5. Low temperature environment where condensation is not allowed.
6. An environment where condensate cannot be discharged.
HEAD-POWER AIR CONDITIONING core components-runner adopts Swiss and Chinese joint venture brand, main features
1. High adsorption efficiency; 2. No water, no pollution; 3. High temperature resistance; 4. No ashing; 5. Can be cleaned; 6. Sterilization; Dry air, dew point below -60 鈩?dp.
Sketch of operational principle for proflute composite runner.Industry Dehumidifier quotation

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