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Name:Quizalofop-P-ethyl 20% WDG
Quizalofop-P-ethyl 10% EC 5%EC
Structural formula:C17H13ClN2O4
Use:Quizalofop-P-ethyl 20% WDG is a kind of aryl phenoxypropionic acid selective, internal absorption and conduction type, low-toxicity herbicide for stem and leaf treatment.
There is a high degree of selectivity between gramineous weeds and dicotyledonous plants, and the stems and leaves can absorb the agents within a few hours, moving up and down the plant.The drug can spread throughout the entire plant in 24 hours, killing the annual weed.After the annual weeds receive the medicine, the new leaves turn yellow within 2-3 days and stop growing, the stems and leaves turn necrotic within 4-7 days, and the whole plant dies within 10 days.After perennial weeds receive the drug, the agent quickly to the underground rhizome tissue transmission, make it lose the regeneration ability.
Applicable crops:
Quizalofop-P-ethyl is mainly used in soybean, cotton, peanut, beet, tomato, kale, grape and other crops field, to prevent and remove barnyard grass, matang, cow's tendon grass, see wheat niang, dog tail grass, wild oats, dog root, reeds, white grass and other annual and perennial grass weeds.
Quizalofop-P-ethyl can be used at any time in broadleaf crops.For annual and perennial grass weeds, at any time during the growth of effective control.Resistant to rain.For additional information, please refer to quinoline.
Quizalofop-P-ethyl is sensitive to gramineous crops, do not spray to nearby rice, corn, barley, wheat and other gramineous crops, so as to avoid pesticide damage.
No effect on sedge and broad-leaved weeds.
Dosage information:
Dosage information for preparation
Crop/sitePrevention and treatment of the objectDosage (dosage of preparation/mu)Application method
Cotton fieldAnnual grass weed20-30 g/muStem leaf spray
Packing:Can be customized according to customer requirements of various specifications of packaging
Q:How can order the products without any knowledge of import?
A:We could arrange you shipping or air or express for you and deliver everything to your port or provide you door to door service.
Q:How to order?
A:Please send us your purchase order by Email:sale1@visionagritech.com or call us sales line:0086-371-55185312,or we can make you Proforma Invoice under your request.
We need to know the following information for your order before sending you PI:
1.Product information-Quantity,COA(Material,Technological if needed and Packing requirements etc.)
2.Delivery time required.
3.Shipping information-Company name,street address,Phone&Fax number,Destination sea port.
4.Forwarder鈥檚 contact details if there鈥檚 any in China.Herbicide factory

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