Fresh ginger has the effect of detoxification and sterilization. The gingerol in fresh ginger enters the body and can produce an antioxidant enzyme. It has a strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals and is much stronger than vitamin E.
Fresh ginger can stimulate the gastric mucosa, cause reflexive excitement of the vascular motor center and sympathetic nerves, promote blood circulation, stimulate the stomach function, and achieve the effects of stomach strengthening, pain relief, sweating and antipyretic. Ginger can also enhance the secretion of gastric juice and the peristalsis of the intestinal wall, thereby helping digestion; the ginger and ginger in fresh ginger also have a significant anti-vomiting effect. Fresh ginger has the effect of significantly inhibiting skin fungi and killing trichomonas vaginalis, and can treat various carbuncle swollen sores.
Fresh ginger can inhibit the activity of cancer cells and reduce the toxicity of cancer, and can play a role in preventing cancer. Fresh ginger should not be eaten in large quantities at night. Its gingerol stimulates intestinal peristalsis. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach during the day. Night may become a major problem affecting sleep injury and intestinal tract.Feesh Ginger price

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