If you鈥檇 like to reduce the stress and complexity of hand soldering by using a SMT soldering paste stencil, Contact us online to place an order for your SMT soldering paste stencil.
We offer two types of SMT soldering paste stencil in varying sizes:
Framed SMT Stencils
Also known as glue-in stencils, these laser-cut stencils are permanently mounted into a frame made of mesh borders. These borders allow the foil to be tightly stretched taunt in the frame. We recommend this stencil for high volume production.
Frameless SMT Stencils
Unlike Framed SMT stencils, frameless stencils are not permanently glued into a frame. They are designed to work within the 鈥淯niversal Frame鈥?system, otherwise known as Reusable Frame Stencils. These stencils require less storage space and are recommended for screen printing, for prototyping, or for small production volumes. They are also less expensive than framed stencils.
GREATPCB SMT LIMITED is a competitive China SMT soldering paste stencil supplier, you can get quick turn printed circuit board assembly laser equipment production prototypes and samples from our factory.
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