Compact structure Corrugated Cardboard Production Line is the professional equipment for producing corrugated cardboard,belonging to paper corrugated board & box making machinery,which can be used in paper box making machine/rigid box making machine,so as to make lots of kinds of cardboard boxes,corrugated cardboard boxes with lids,double corrugated cardboard boxes,etc.
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1.High automatization.
2.Easy operation & maintence.
3.High efficiency.
4.Good quality of paperboard.
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1.This production line is cardboard box assembly machine,suitable for large quantity automatized manufacturing and it is cardboard packaging machine,which can produce good quality corrugated cardboard boxes ,corrugated board.
2.As the machines for manufacturing corrugated boxes,it can be:Higher productivity,better paper board quality,adoption of central control system,simple and easy operation,convenient to repair and maintenance,reliable and safe,greatly lower degree of manpower requirement.
3.This production line adopts the most updated source-saving mode which get heat from the high-temperature guiding oil.Compared with the steam heating,it reduce the source by 60% so that ti can cut the cost effectively.It is an economical ideal product and suitable for big and medium corrugated cardboard sheets.
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