Drive through racking is also call drive in rack, this racking systems needs a forklift to drive through on the storage aisle to store and pick out the palletized cargo. Most of our project cases is 2-6 pallet deepth. If your design is single entry, the less pallet deepth is more convenient to operate. If it is two entry, it doesn鈥檛 matter how deep is it. Contact us for an optimized design for your drive through racking project with our professional team.
Product Feature
1. 7 steps on pickling process make our surface treament is superior to other competitor.
2. High quality and stable function equipment make our production standard always on a high level.
3. Considering the safety factor by using a patented software to analyse the structure design and material thickness option.
4. 0 accidence within our 21 years, quality assurance.
5. One of the standard setter of racking industry in China, we are your valuable racking supplier.
Three Headace You May Have:
1. Goods in a mess, not categorized, waste too much time on manual picking, low efficiency
2. Low in Space coefficient of utilization, cost for every storage unit increased.
3. Some material need to special storage, mix storage may cause danger.
Contact our professional team to help you get your warehouse organized with your custom-designed warehouse shelving.
Why You Should Choose Us?
1. Advanced equipment
2. Factory covering an area of 38 thousand square meter.
3. Designated supplier of Greece, Huawei, Oppo.
4. 20 years racking design and production experience.
5. Professional Designer and engineer team, 15 person.
High Density Storage Drive In Rack Project Case for Cold Storage
Printing Factory Drive in Rack Project CaseChina Drive In Rack

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