Adult pulling pants are disposable incontinence products, one of the adult care products, mainly suitable for incontinence adults.The main performance of adult diapers is water absorption, which depends on the amount of villous pulp and polymer water absorbent.

High Elastic waistline, comfortably fit waist
Waist is flexible and elastic, fit the body curve effectively, without tight feeling for a long time wearing

Easier to tear off, easier to replace
The side can be tore easily, tearing is puting off after using, quick and easy

Fast absorption and effective water lock
Adopt imported volume slurry for inner material + water absorption polymer,
effective absorption and lock the water without backflow

Soft cotton surface, breathable and comfortable
Delicate cotton soft non-woven fabric + high air permeability inner surface,
skin friendly and comfortable, effectively keep the skin dry and cool

Three-dimensional protection to prevent side leakage
Leak-proof partition + leak-proof leg cuffs, multiple protection, to prevent side leakage, comfortable without trouble

Leakproof bottom film, layers by layers guarantee,
Adopt compound leakproof bottom film, multiple safeguard, layers by layers protection
Adult panty diapers are divided into large, medium and small sizes according to different sizes.The product all indicate each specification suitable waist circumference or hip circumference range, the user may choose according to the body shape.
Suitable for hip circumference(inch)Suitable for hip circumference(cm)
S34 in-46 in
84 cm-116 cm
M44 in-54 in112 cm-137 cm
Labove 54 inabove 140 cm
When wearing, it is the same as ordinary underwear and can be put on directly.
When replacing, if there is only a small amount of urine, it can be removed directly or torn from the side and extracted from the bottom.
Pants type adult diapers are suitable for moderate to severe incontinence population, paralyzed bedridden patients, puerperal lochia, such as the disabled, the elderly, puerpera, surgical patients, hospitals performing surgery or nurses nursing hospital doctors,Traffic jams, people unable to go to the toilet and college entrance examination.For example, during the World Cup, in order to deal with the urgent situation when waiting for seats, many young fans who want to cheer for the team outside choose to buy adult diapers.
1.This product is a disposable sanitary product. Please do not reuse it or replace it in time.
2. The polymer has hygroscopic properties, store in a dry place, avoid high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight at room temperature.
3. The residual excrement on the skin may cause skin allergy, please be sure to wipe it clean.
4. After opening, avoid mixing with dust and use as soon as possible.
5. This product is insoluble in water, do not flush into the toilet.

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