Crossin New Materials Co.,Ltd. is located in Nanjing, China, established in 2011, aimed to provide stable quality products, unique technical support and high efficient service for the global customers in chemical industries, our plants are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, with advanced equipment and strong R&D capabilities,strictly monitor the whole production process to ensure the superiority and stability of the quality.
We provide a diversified portfolio of Bio succinic acid,Brominated Flame Retardants ,Diamine chain extender,Quaternary Ammonium and derivatives etc.
Our products are mainly exported to USA, EU, Russia, Australia and South-East of Asia etc, rapidly gained recognition for its outstanding quality from both domestic and international markets.
Our vision is to continue to create sustainable partnerships worldwide by providing innovative products and competitive solutions.
Our focus is providing value through, not only our products, but through the sharing of global and local market information, exceptional customer service and the development of mutually beneficial opportunities.
We will be always adhering to the principles of 鈥渋ntegrity, innovation, win to win鈥? committed to a more comprehensive and long terms service to valued customers.
鈥?nbsp;Our Factory
Develop in high volume production of bio succinic acid by fermentation.
Develop the DETDA for applications in Polyurea spray elastomer.
Comply with the chemical regulations including REACH registration, FDA certificate...Bio Succinic Acid products

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