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Product Details:
Recommended paint resistant15M惟-75M惟
Best spraying distance:200-350mm;
Air input:0.5-0.8Mpa .
Max current:60uA;
High Voltage0-80KV
PaintWaterborne based paints & solvent based paints
Paint supplyGear Pump
Product Picture:
Product Description:
COLO's automatic liquid electrostatic spray gun is equipped with an electrostatic control unit, electrostatic spray gun, gear pump (with motor), white iron nozzle and fan-shaped nozzle. The above electrostatic spray guns can be combined with paint delivery pumps, paint filters, and paint regulators to be a complete set of liquid electrostatic spray equipment. Coaters can start spraying with paints.
1. High-voltage electrostatic technology moves the high-voltage generator forward to the front of the gun body, and the discharge needle is close to the nozzle to reduce the static loss and improve the safety performance of the operation.With a lighter weight of only 420 grams.
2. According to the artificial design, it is light, easy to hold, easy to operate, and does not feel tired after long-time operation.
3. The spray width adjustment valve is placed on the left side of the spray gun for easy operation.
4. Use of CL-3311 new high atomizing white iron nozzle, which can improve production efficiency and meet the requirements of high-quality painted surfaces
5. The striker and valve seat are made of ceramic-resistant material, which can prolong the service life.
6. The gun body is made from high-voltage static-resistant materials; the handlebars are made from low-impedance composite materials; the gun body has a unique structure compared to ordinary equipment, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of paint repacking.
7. Safety circuit design. When the operation is wrong or abnormal voltage / current occurs, the circuit protection system will quickly and automatically cut off the power, discharge and buzzer to warn to improve the safety of operation.
8. Low failure rate, maintenance parts is cheap, relatively parts are simple to repair and replacement.
Application details:Automatic Paint Spraying Machine suppliers

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