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When you enjoy camping with friends and sharing your moments on social pages, ever feel pity when your phone died?
When you are hiking or fishing along in the outdoors, ever get disappointed or anxious when your camera or phone compass died?
Let all these fears and worries go away with Solar Battery Charger for Phone
1. Highly Portable: Compact size and light weight, easily carry in your bag or hang on your backpack.
2. Wide Compatibility: With 2x USB output ports, compatible with all 5V USB charging devices including smartphone, bluetooth headphone, camera etc., users can match it with a power bank to stock solar energy as backup.Use it when going camping, hiking, or when you find yourself in any place without sufficient power.
3. Fast Charge: The solar panel charger with A+ level Mono or Sunpower solar panel.
4. Durable: Waterproof Polyester 600D and laminated solar panels protect your panel from rain or wet air, built in over-protections keeps your charging device safe and prolong its life.
5. Kindly remind: Keep your cell phone or device not in direct sunlight or put it in the shadow created by the panel. Use the panel in outdoor direct sunlight to enjoy better performance, in the room or inside the window glass sunlight is much weaker makes panels weaker or not work. Some Apple product need original cable to be charged, or it will show not matched.
(1)30W high quality solar panel charger, available for quick charging.
(2)Connects the digital devices via a USB 5V port.
(3)Stabilized voltage, providing constant current for charging, by facing to sunlight;
(4)With a pocket to hold your device for safe storage during charging and protecting the USB port;
(5)With eyeholes for hanging at anywhere with plenty of sunlight, suction cups can be applied in order to stick itself to the car windshield, or window.
This is our new design,solar panel for outdoor and indoor use,quick charging your mobile devices. Once used, you are assured to love it. Please check the details below and free contact us for any particulars. Don't hesitate to drop us a line to start your new experience of this excellent new product.
Q: Production Lead Time & Quality Guarantee
A: 1. Sample delivery time is about 7-15 days; big order quantity is about 30-45 days after we receive 30%-50% deposit from you.
2. 12 months' warranty period. 20 years' quality guarantee period With IS09001 approvals.
Customer Services
Our salesmen will reply your inquiry within 24 hours. Any order is welcome. If you like to be our agent in your country, we can give you any support on the technique & other aspects.Wholesale Solar Charger

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