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With the continuous promotion of national building energy conservation, consumers' awareness of building energy conservation is also constantly improving, which has led to great changes in the door and window industry, especially the introduction of energy-saving windows and doors using the mandatory cold winter and hot summer regions. It is a big revolution in the building door and window industry. All domestic door and window manufacturers have launched a series of high-grade energy-saving doors and windows. The home improvement market for energy-saving doors and windows is hot. The door and window are designed to achieve high energy-saving performance, and the corresponding cost is constant. Improve, if the outer sunshade roller blind is added to the door and window, the overall performance of the window can be greatly improved when the sunshade roller blind is put down, and the relative cost is also much lower.
Product parameters
Product NameIndoor sunscreen curtains
Product NumberLSR-19-7
MOQ1 Piece
Features60% Blackout,UV protective,easy to clean.
ColorVarious colors available
PackingEach piece into a clear box, 10pcs into a standard export carton.
Product role&features
1,Our indoor sunscreen curtains perfectly solve these problems:there are many mosquitoes in windows, screens do not block the wind, there is no cover, poor privacy, non-waterproof, easy to mold, wind blowing noise, complicated installation,and It is resistant to wind, rain and snow, and is a protective barrier for doors and windows.
2,Indoor, outdoor, balcony, corridor, with or without glass can be installed.
Reasonable outer box frame design can reduce external noise by 80%. The perfect integrated frame design is closely matched with the project, which has good sound insulation effect. The mechanized box frame is quietly operated and comfortable to use.
3,Choose whatever you want. With user-friendly design, the user can choose the ideal shutter window style and color.The guide rails are custom-made according to the shape of the facade and can be perfectly integrated with the complex facade design.Sunscreen Roller Blinds factory

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