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Product name: Hydroponic growing system
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Raw Material: unplasticized Polyvinyl chloride
Wall Thickness:2.0mm
Type: 3 layer 108 holes, 2 layer 72 holes, 2 layer 36 holes, wall type system, 1 layer 36 holes, 1 layer 18 holes or customized
Parts: upvc water supply pipe, pipe fitting, planting basket, sponge, water hose
Standard: GB/T1002.1-2006, ISO4427-2 2007, DIN8074 DIN8075
Certificate: ISO 14001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 OHSAS18001:2007
Feature:Corrosion resistance, no second pollution.
Life span:50 Years Under Normal Conditions
Connection: socket, plug in
The Advantages of the hydroponics growing system :
1. Low cost, low water, use low nutrient with high productivity;
2. No soil is needed for hydroponics Plantation;
3. Stable and high yields ;
4. CAN control the nutrition levels in their entirety;
5. No nutrition pollution with this control system;
6. Pests and diseases are easier to get rid of than in soil because of the container's mobility;
7. No pesticide damage, easy to harvest;
8. Excellent insulation;
10. No cracking, light weight;
11. Suitable to be buried in concrete;
12. Easy to handle and transport;
Hydroponics tube is an efficient and convenient hydroponics system, it is extremely suitable for plants like lettuce, herbs, strawberries, celery etc.
Hydroponic Growing Pipe System factory

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