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Cold Liquor Tank - cold water tanks, or cold liquor tanks as they are called in the brewery, are buffer tanks that contain cold water that will be used to cool the bitter wort down to a fermentable temperature range after boiling. A cold water storage tank can be as simple as single skin vessel in a cold room, but can also be a jacketed glycol tank or insulated tank with a cooling coil immersed in the water.
Cold liquor tanks are used for brewing process and CLT鈥檚 also called buffer tanks. Buffer tanks contain cold water used for the purpose of cooling the bitter wort temperature down to the fermentable level range after boiling. This process is done by wort cooler.

Cold liquid tanks connected with glycol chiller tanks and its impressed inside water. Frequency level of the cooling capacity of the beer helps to recommend the appropriate volume and cooling methods. When water can be passed through the heat exchanger and when it run hot liquid tank temperature near about 70 to 80-degree Celsius.It's a typical process and its help continuous brewing without any break and no need waiting for gain actual temperature.

Our cold water tank available from 0.5BBL (HL) to 300BBL (HL) with an average 15% Head Space. Certified 304 stainless steel material for all tanks, with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish. Dimple Plate Jacket & High Efficient Polyurethane foam insulated. All tanks use Tri-clamp connections, Glycol jacket are designed for up to 0.2MPa and tested at 0.6MPa. We can custom fabricate any tank to meet your brewery鈥檚 space and height restrictions.

1) 100% TIG welded, Interior and exterior finish polished to sanitary finish.
2) Interior finish pickled and passivated.
3) Fully welded exterior shell.
4) All signs & wording in English.
5) All tanks will have completed inspection record, Including Test Data & Serial Number.
6) All Construction is from SUS304 food grade stainless steel, all pipes are SUS304.
7) All Gaskets are manufactured with EPDM.
8) All tanks are sanitary tri-clamp connections.
9) All tanks will be pressure tested for 24 hours before leaving the factory.
10) Round type, dished or cone head, and 5掳-15掳 cone bottom, with adjustable legs.
11) With an average of 15% head space.
12) Multi-zone dimpled glycol jackets.
13) 80mm Polyurethane insulation.
14) Outer shell: SUS304, thickness 2mm, brushed finished.
15) Inner shell: SUS304, thickness 3mm or 4mm, All with 2B internal surface finish.
16) Glycol jacket: SUS304, thickness 1.5mm, dimple welded.
17) Working pressure in the tank: Atmospheric pressure (Full water test for 24 hours).
18) Working pressure in the jacket: 2 bar (Test pressure 6 bar for 24 hours).
19) Top or Side manway.
20) Two lifting ear at top.
21) CIP cleaning port at top.
22) Recirculation Port to address temperature stratification.
23) Pt100 Thermocouple interfaces.
24) Sight Level Tube - Allows for easier monitoring of volumes.
25) Overflow port that drains to the ground.
26) Separate Drain and Water outlet port.
27) NPT glycol jacket port.

-CIP Spraying Ball 脳1
-Temp sensor 脳1
-Drain outlet pipe with butterfly valve 脳1
-CIP arm with butterfly valve 脳1
- Four legs with Adjustable footpads 脳4
- Gaskets, tri-clamp, fittings and all parts 脳1Cold Liquor Tank manufacturers

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