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Basket filters used in oil or other liquid pipeline, sundries in the filter tube, filter hole area than size tube area is greater than 2 to 3 times.
Far more than Y, T filter area.
Mesh structure is different from other filters, shaped like a basket, so the basket strainer.
Basket strainer is mainly composed of takeover, barrel, filter basket, flange, flange cover and fasteners, etc.
Installed on the pipeline to remove large solid impurity in the fluid, the machinery and equipment (including compressor, pump, etc.), the instrument can work normally and operation, to achieve stable process, the role of guaranteeing production safety.
Blue filter is to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid of small devices, can protect the compressor, pump, instruments and other work, when fluid into the has certain specifications of the mesh filter barrels, the impurity is blocked, and clean the filtrate by filter outlet, when need to wash, just remove the removable filter barrels, after processing to reload the can, therefore, is very convenient in operation and maintenance.
Has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, environment protection, etc.
If the string of the installed in the entrance of the pump or other parts of the pipeline system, then can prolong the service life of pump and other equipment, and can guarantee the safety of the whole system
To the pipeline, pipeline installation with impurities in the production of raw materials also contains impurities.
Pipeline in the liquid through its dirt collected by the filter to filter mesh, when in a certain degree of open the shell cover cleaning mesh can be
1, import and export size: in principle, the import and export of the filter size should not be less than the import of matching pump size, generally consistent with imported pipe diameter.
2, nominal pressure, determined in accordance with the highest pressure filter line possible filter pressure rating.
3, the number of hole mesh: the main consideration to intercept impurities particle size, according to the medium flow process requirement.
All kinds of wire mesh can intercept the particle size of the check table below "mesh specifications"
Accuracy of the conversion
Part NameASTM Material
Carbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon Steel
BonnetA216 WCBWPBA352 LCB
ScreenA182 F304,A182 F316A182 F304A182 F304,A182 F316
Body GasketSS304+GraphitePTFESS304+Graphite
Bonnet StudA193 B7A193 B8A320 L7
Bonnet NutA194 2HA194-8A194 7
PackagingPlywood Case Seaworthy Package
Design StandardASME B16.34
Test StandardAPI 598
1.  Q:How can i place an order?
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3. Q:Where is your factory?How can i visit your factory?
A: Our factory located in WenZhou city,ZheJiang Province China.We’ll have working people to pick you up at the airport or the trainstation after travel schedule confirmed.China Basket Type Strainer factory

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