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This drilling machine is manufactured by quality assured material modern technique in compliance with set norms of the industry. The operation of this drilling machine is portable, flexible and reliable.
Product Application
Vertical drilling machine are used for drilling, counter boring, reaming, tapping and spot facing. They have the advantages of large drilling capacity and wide scope of processing parts, therefore not only in the product workshop but also in the repair workshop.
Technical Parameter
Item UNITZ5035AZ5040AZ5050A
Max.drilling capacitymm354050
Max.tapping capacitymmM20M24M24
Distance from spindle axis to generating line to columnmm330360360
Max.distance from spindle nose to working
surface of worktablemm610600600
Max.distance from spindle nose to working
surface of base platemm115012151205
Max.traverse of spindlemm150180180
Max.adjustment of worktable and table restmm540560525
Swivel of table and table rest--±45°
Spindle bore taperMorse4
Spindle speed steps--12
Spindle speedr/min70~260042-205042-1865
Spindle feed steps--344
Spindle feed rangemm/r0.1, 0.2, 0.30.07, 0.15, 0.26, 0.40.07, 0.15, 0.26, 0.4
Column diametermm140160170
Effective working area of tableLXW424X424370X500370X500
Effective working area of base plateLXW420X380460X450460X450
Dimension of T-slot of table and base platemm2-14 2-16
Overall dimension(L*W*H)mm70X115X21570X115X21570X115X215
Product Feature
◆ New-design, pleasing appearance, compact construction.
◆ Change speed with gears and operate easily.
◆ The work table can be rotated 180° and tited +45° and -45° also,  it is reliable and  can be done easy job.
◆ High spindle speed and wide speed range.
◆ Equipped with cooing system, work lamp and tapping mechanism.
◆ Electric system with powerful spindle motor, and also equipped with short cut and overload protection.
Production Workshop
Packing & ShippingDrilling Machine

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