Product Description
DB Series hydro extractor machine specially designed for package yarn,cone yarn or bobbin yarn, meets the always major needs in yarn package dye houses. The driving motor is controlled by inverter with its separative factors adjustable and braking adaptable according to the load.All mechanical braking system are eliminated and therefore excluding eventual maintenance works.
Product Features
1. The inner basket and the body of the hydro extractor machines are constructed in high quality stainless steel, beautiful and sturdy, long service life.
2. High dehydration rate, low energy consumption
3. The machine lifting and whirligig system adopts the hydraulic control for automatic orientation with precise safety.
4. The rotating basket is equipped with housings for the accommodation of packages during hydro extraction while the spindles of the package carrier are adopted according the needs of the client. And the speed of hydro extractor can be adjusted. Thus assure a mild treatment to the yarn and avoids the deformation of packages further to breakage of the internal tubes.
5. Automatic braking, greatly reducing the rate of mechanical maintenance.
6. Quiet and balanced, first-class working environment.
Technical Parameters
ModelDiameter of the
(mm)Height of the
(mm)Capacity(kg)Power of
(kw)Rotating speed
(rpm)External dimension
Capacity of
dry clothCapacity of
wet cloth
DB-120015004501003007.5750-9601650 x 1650x 950
DB-1500180055016550010600-7502100 x 2100 x 1250China Hydro Extractor

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